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Written by Alfredo Rocco

Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"There is a Liberal theory of freedom, and there is a Fascist concept of liberty. For we, too, maintain the necessity of safeguarding the conditions that make for the free development of the individual; we, too, believe that the oppression of individual personality can find no place in the modern state. We do not, however, accept a bill of rights which tends to make the individual superior to the state and to empower him to act in opposition to society."


Written and Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"If nothing else is self-evident about us humans, it’s that we have a need, a desire to belong to something greater than ourselves. Our history is full of examples of people fighting and dying for causes which they could barely define, yet conceptualize."



Written by H. J. W. Hetherington

Narrated by Evan Tobia

In spite of the paradox, the idea of a real community of will is deeply rooted in ordinary thought and language which confidently appeals to the mind of a nation, of a whole group of nations, or of a period against the limited minds of individuals.

“Pp. 82-90.” Social Purpose: a Contribution to a Philosophy of Civic Society, by H. J. W. Hetherington and John H. Muirhead, Allen & Unwin, 1922.

From 12/13/2019

Written and Narrated by Cory Faust

If Greta Thunberg and her student climate activists exist, protest, and speak out about the climate it does not mean that the problems of our environment are fake news. Many in America routinely react to issues identified on the news, whether it comes from Fox News, MSNBC, or CNN. Rather than shaping a view on issues facing us based on scientific evidence and truth, many would rather let emotions heat up and react to positions taken by those they disagree with based on political identity, or in the case of Greta and her student movement, their age.

Written and Narrated by B.K. Burton


Real fascists occupy a very awkward position in modern day America where the term fascist is loosely used and flung at opponents as a pejorative.

Written and Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"The highest form of obligation, duty, and sacrifice manifests itself in marriage. Men and women, two very different beings physically and emotionally, have an inexplicable drive to come together and form unions where the two become one."



Written by Josiah Royce

Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"Our definition of the community warrants us in saying that many selves form one community when all are ideally extended so as to include the same object. But unless the ideal extensions of the self thus consciously involve past and future deeds and events that have to do with the objects in question, we shall not use these extensions to help us to define communities."

“Pp. 60-67.” The Problem of Christianity Lectures Delivered at the Lowell Institute in Boston, and at Manchester College, Oxford Vol II, by Josiah Royce, Macmillan, 1914.


Written by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"The perpetually recurring misapprehension of Freedom consists in regarding that term only in its formal, subjective sense, abstracted from its essential objects and aims; thus a constraint put upon impulse, desire, passion — pertaining to the particular individual as such — a limitation of caprice and self-will is regarded as a fettering of Freedom. We should on the contrary look upon such limitation as the indispensable proviso of emancipation. Society and the State are the very conditions in which Freedom is realized."

The Philosophy of History by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel With Prefaces by Charles Hegel and the Translator, J. Sibree, Copyright 1899 by The Colonial Press, pp. 40-42

Written and Narrated by Joshua Noyer

If State and government are not identical, then what are they; more importantly what is the State? Government exists within its institutions. Executive bodies, legislatures, and courts are easily identifiable and having shape and form.  The State, being the product of human thought, lacks these qualities, so how can its portrait be drawn? How is it to be portrayed?


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