Participants: Joshua Noyer, Eliot Girardi, John Savage

"In spite of the paradox, the idea of a real community of will is deeply rooted in ordinary thought and language which confidently appeals to the mind...View Details

The State and Religion

"There is no State that does not concern itself in one way or another, positively or negatively, with religion, oscillating between theocracy and a St...View Details

"The choice, indeed, lies between Rome and Moscow, although democratic countries laugh at the idea. They keep Moscow at a distance, and yet seem unwil...View Details

Participants: Joshua Noyer, and Elliot Girardi

"We claim to abhor political violence and the fragmented state of our country, and yet as individuals when we engage in political dialogue our rhetori...View Details

In this episode of the Blackshirt Blues, Davis and Drummond discuss the fundamental flaws of democracy. Constancy Part 3 - The Descent by Kevin MacLeo...View Details

Host Anthony Drummond: Participants: Joshua Noyer, Jesse Drummond, and Mark Dasacco.

Participants: Joshua Noyer, John Savage, and Elliot Girardi

Read Along: Written by John Davis Narrated by Joshua ...View Details

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