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Written by FH Bradley

Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"Yes, the state is not put together, but it lives; it is not a heap nor a machine; it is no mere extravagance when a poet talks of a nation's soul. It is the objective mind which is subjective and self-conscious in its citizens—it feels and knows itself in the heart of each. It speaks the word of command and gives the field of accomplishment, and in the activity of obedience it has and bestows individual life and satisfaction and happiness."

“Pp. 119-124.” Ethical Studies: Selected Essays, by F.H Bradley, Bobbs-Merrill, 1951.


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Written by The Ax

Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"Identity politics, rather than providing humane solutions to social problems, is a crowd-pleasing low-brow appeal to primitive tribal instincts."

A fill of idealism, and then some.

A merging of 4 recordings into one.



From 11/27/2019

Featuring: Joshua Noyer, Anthony Drummond, Jesse Drummond, and Evan Tobia

Written by Mario Palmieri

Narrated by Anthony Drummond

"Fascism – in its purest and truest expression – is nothing more than what we have not and what, instead, we should have with us and within us if we want to retain any aspiration of a truly civilized nation."

Pp 249-261 Palmieri, M. The Philosophy of Fascism. Chicago: Dante Alighieri Society, 1936.




Written by Wilbur Urban

Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"Any philosophy, we said, written in the tradition of historic idealism is in its totality a philosophy of spirit. It gives a privileged position to mind or spirit in its interpretation of the world. If the world is to be viewed as a totality at all and classical idealism has always believed that there are reasons for so viewing it that totality must be conceived as organic rather than as a mechanical aggregate, as mental rather than as merely vital, and as concretely spiritual rather than as a system of abstract ideas or essences."

Pp. 122-128 Barrett, Clifford L. Contemporary Idealism in America. New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, 1932.


Written by Raven Thompson

Narrated by Joshua Noyer

"Private ownership and initiative is encouraged, but the individual is required to consider public welfare as well as private interest. Liberal atavism, which held that in serving his own interests the individual automatically advanced the interests of the community, has been discredited, and we now turn from the laws of the jungle to the laws of man."



Written and Narrated by Joshua Noyer

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