National Reformation Radio

Fascist Roundtable XII: Translating Hegel’s Political Thought

August 20, 2019

Participants: Joshua Noyer, John Maniglia, Evan Tobia, and Jesse Drummond

"The State as such is not so much the result as the beginning. "it is within the State that the family is first developed into civil society, and it is the Idea of the State itself which disrupts itself into these two moments."

"If we hear it said that the definition of freedom is the ability to do what we please, such an idea can only be taken to reveal an utter immaturity of thought, for it contains not even an inkling of the absolutely free will, of right, of ethical life."

"The perpetually recurring misapprehension of Freedom considsts in regarding that term only in its formal subjective sense, abstracted fro its essential objects and aims; thus a contraint put upon impulse, desire, passion-pertaining to the particular individual as such-a limitation of caprice and self-will is regarded as a fettering of Freedom.  We should on the contrary look upon such limitations as the indispensable proviso of emancipation. Society and the State are the very conditions in which Freedom is realized.